Alberta Occupation In Demand

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) plays a pivotal role in welcoming immigrants who aspire to establish their lives as permanent residents within the province. Beyond individual aspirations, the AINP also contributes significantly to the overall economic growth and development of Alberta. This program serves as a bridge that connects skilled and qualified immigrants with the opportunities that the province has to offer.

Eligibility for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program hinges on fulfilling specific criteria outlined by the provincial authorities. One of the key prerequisites is having relevant work experience in occupations that are deemed eligible for the nomination process. This strategic approach is designed to ensure that immigrants possess the skills and expertise that are in demand within Alberta’s dynamic and diverse labor market.

By selecting candidates with experience in eligible occupations, the AINP aims to address critical shortages within specific sectors of the provincial economy. This alignment between nominee qualifications and industry needs allows immigrants to seamlessly integrate into Alberta’s workforce, fostering growth, innovation, and productivity.

It’s important to recognize that the AINP’s eligibility requirements extend beyond occupation-related factors. They encompass a spectrum of considerations, including language proficiency, educational background, intent to reside in Alberta, and more. The comprehensive nature of these criteria underscores the province’s commitment to welcoming individuals who can truly contribute to its development and prosperity.

As an aspirant seeking nomination through the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program, it’s essential to diligently assess and fulfill these requirements. By doing so, you position yourself as a prospective contributor to Alberta’s economic landscape, unlocking pathways to permanent residency and the promise of a bright future within this vibrant Canadian provide.

Alberta PNP Occupation In-demand List 2023

When seeking provincial nomination, it is imperative to possess work expertise in a suitable vocation that aligns with your past occupational background. Virtually every occupation categorized under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill levels 0, A, B, or C stands eligible for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP).

AINP proffers dual registers for disallowed occupations. The former encompasses vocations that are unsuitable for the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS), while the latter encompasses occupations that are unsuitable for AOS candidates holding a post-graduate work permit (PGWP).

Alberta PNP Ineligible Occupation list

NOC CodeOccupation NameTEER Category
40021School Principals and Administrators of Elementary and Secondary Education0
40030Managers in Social, Community, and Correctional ServicesO
40041Fire Chiefs and Senior Firefighting Officers0
60040Escort Agency Managers, Massage Parlour ManagersO
41220Secondary School Teachers1
41221Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers1
41302Professional Occupations in ReligionA
51111Authors and Writers1
51122Musicians and Singers1
53121Actors and Comedians3
53122Painters, Sculptors, and Other Visual ArtistsA
10019Court Officers and Justices of the PeaceB
32112Dental Laboratory Bench WorkersB
42202Early Childhood Educators and Assistants (only those without certification as a Child Development Worker (Level 2) or Child Development Supervisor (Level 3) through Alberta Children’s Services  Child Care Staff Certification Office)B
43109Other Instructors3
42204Other Religious OccupationsB
55109Other Performers, N.E.C.B
53124Artisans and Craftspersons3
63101Real Estate Agents and Salespersons3
44100Home Child Care Providers4
44101Home Support Workers, Housekeepers, and Related OccupationsC
43100Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants3
64321Casino OccupationsC
65229Other Personal Service Occupations5
75200Taxi and Limousine Drivers and Chauffeurs5
85104Trappers and Hunters5
65109Other Sales-Related Occupations5
65211Operators and Attendants in Amusement, Recreation, and SportC
65329Other Service Support Occupations, N.E.CD
85101Harvesting Labourers5
85121Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Labourers5
85102Aquaculture and Marine Harvest Labourers5
85110Mine Labourers


High-Demand Occupations in Alberta

NOC CodeOccupation NameSkill Level
62010Retail Sales Supervisors2
21211Data scientistsA
60020Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers0
62020Food Service Supervisors2
21230Computer systems developers and programmersA
52120Graphic Designers and Illustrators2
41200University Professors and Lecturers1
21231Software Engineers and Designers1
10012Purchasing Managers0
22222Information System Testing Technicians2
42201Social and Community Service workers2
60030Restaurant and Food Service Managers0
70010Construction Managers0
41220Secondary School Teachers1
11109Other Financial Officers1
21300Civil Engineers1
32101Licensed Practical Nurses2
41300Social Workers1
30010Managers and Health CareO
21110Biologists and Related Scientists1
80021Managers in Horticulture0
32122Medical Sonographers2
10019Other Administrative Services Managers0
31102General Practitioners and Family Physicians1
22301Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians2
31121Dieticians and NutritionistA
22231Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers2
31301Registered Nurses1
13100Administrative Officers3
13110Administrative Assistants3
11201Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting1
13111Legal Administrative Assistants3
12011Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Office Workers2
21301Mechanical Engineers1
10021Banking, Credit, and Other Investment ManagersO
40019Other Managers in Public Administration0
21233Web designersA
10022Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations ManagersO
21320Chemical Engineers1
41320Educational Counsellors1
52121Interior Designers2
60010Corporate Sales Managers0
21311Computer Engineers1
12200Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers2
60031Accommodation Service Managers0
41210College and Other Vocational Instructors1
22220Computer Network Technicians2
62023Customer and Information Services Supervisors2
22310Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians2
21310Electrical and Electronics Engineers1
20010Engineering Managers0
10010Financial Managers0
10010Human Resource Managers0
63210Hairstylists and Barbers3

Please take note that these professions are greatly sought after in the Alberta Express Entry profile. Furthermore, they are also in high demand within the Alberta labor market. Should you find yourself fitting into any of these categories, your prospects of garnering interest under the Alberta Immigration nominee program are considerably heightened. To ascertain your eligibility, you have the option to engage in discourse with our immigration specialists or alternatively, you may utilize our points calculation tool.

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