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One of the finest places for Indians to relocate is Canada. With liberal laws and a highly welcoming immigration policy, it is one of the most progressive countries in the world. Immigrants make up a sizable share of Canada’s active labor. The fact that Canada’s economy is expanding quickly and the country cannot produce enough qualified workers domestically is a further reason why the country is trying to open its borders to more immigrants.

If you’ve ever pondered moving to Canada, the time is now. Here are some justifications for why moving to Canada with your family might be a wonderful idea: The moment is now if you have ever considered relocating to Canada. Here are some justifications for why moving to Canada with your family might be a wonderful idea:

Best Reasons to Move to Canada

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What Are the Chances for Chartered Accountants to Move to Canada?

There are Chartered Professional Accountants in Canada, just as there are CAs in India. Read on for more on the application procedure and requirements for Chartered Accountant immigration to Canada in 2023.

There are four main methods to enter Canada as a CA through immigration


Express Entry Program

This system is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and is the national federal immigration process. Your personal characteristics, such as age, educational attainment, professional experience, language proficiency, and the existence of a legitimate job offer, are evaluated and assigned points under this method. You can be selected for immigration to Canada based on the points allotted if your score is greater than the cutoff for admission. There are two primary routes for Indians to move to Canada in 2023, while there are numerous more possibilities as well. Which are:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Professionals who want to move to Canada and work there should use this immigration route. For this, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and one year of professional experience. You must also have a high IELTS score proving your English language skills in order to work in Canada. You frequently need to obtain a valid job offer from a Canadian company in order to be selected for immigration to Canada.

Occupation in-Demand

Those who want to immigrate to Canada without a job offer should choose the in-demand occupations stream. Only positions that are in high demand in Canada may be applied for through this stream. You may be confident that there is a strong demand for your talent in the nation since you are most likely a certified accountant.

To better prepare your application for immigration to Canada in 2023, it would also be sage to look at the National Occupations Classification (NOC) list to see which provinces have the most demand for your line of work. Additionally, you will require Proof of Funds that demonstrates your ability to support yourself and your family for at least three months in order to be approved for immigration in this stream.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Each Canadian province offers a unique immigration program. These programs are intended for those who would often be denied entry to Canada through the Express Entry system or who only want to move to a particular province. The fact that this immigration pathway’s eligibility requirements are less strict than those of the national federal Express Entry program is a big plus.

How to Apply for Immigration to Canada in 2023 as a CA?

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One of the world’s easiest immigration systems is found in Canada. You must follow these procedures in order to apply for this:

The immigration procedure to Canada is actually the simplest in the world, despite the impression that it is one that takes a long time. Before submitting your application, make sure to speak with one of our immigration specialists for Canada to determine your chances of success and how to increase them. On that topic, let’s discuss how Izago Immigration can assist in making your goal of immigrating to Canada a reality!

How can Izago Immigration help you?

Izago Immigration offers comprehensive assistance to individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada through various Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams. These streams often have stringent standards, leading to a high rate of application refusal for those not prepared and filed correctly. Our expertise lies in guiding applicants through these complex processes and intricate documentation requirements, increasing the chances of successfully obtaining a Canada PR Visa.

Our team of seasoned Immigration Experts has assisted numerous families in successfully relocating to Canada through the Federal Express Entry Program. With their proficiency and experience, they can thoroughly assess your unique case and recommend the most suitable approach to cater to your immigration needs.

Having been a prominent figure in the immigration industry for over 16 years, Izago Immigration has garnered a wealth of positive reputation and extensive experience. We have consistently supported a diverse range of aspiring immigrants in realizing their dreams of moving overseas.

As a top-tier brand in the Immigration sector, Izago Immigration stands out as a highly dependable immigration firm with an impressive track record of facilitating thousands of successful PR Visa applications. Several key factors contribute to our status as the premier Immigration Consultant for obtaining a Canada PR Visa:

For those aspiring to secure a Canada PR Visa, Izago Immigration emerges as the ultimate partner, offering expertise, reliability, and a history of successful outcomes. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to applicants’ success sets us apart in the field of immigration consultancy. Contact us now!