Alberta PNP Draw

What exactly is the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programme?

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP), now recognized as the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), is a dynamic initiative targeting individuals poised to address labor market shortages in Alberta. This Provincial Nominee Program extends its arms to skilled workers via the Alberta Opportunity Pathway and the Express Entry system. Additionally, AINP oversees two business-focused pathways: the Farmer Self-Employed and Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur Pathways.

Navigating AINP’s Realm

A strategic collaboration between the Government of Alberta and the National Immigration Department, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), underpins the Alberta PNP. Aspiring immigrants to Canada embrace a two-stage journey:

Unlocking the Pathways

AINP embodies an array of pathways designed to cater to diverse profiles and aspirations. Whether you’re a skilled worker or an entrepreneur, AINP beckons with opportunities:

Minimum AINP Opportunity Pathway requirements

The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP) welcomes candidates through four distinct immigration pathways, each designed to address diverse profiles and aspirations:

Exploring Alberta’s Avenues

Each AINP pathway offers a unique journey toward Alberta residency, catering to a range of qualifications, experiences, and goals. Candidates are encouraged to delve into the specifics of each pathway, aligning with their aspirations, and leveraging professional guidance to optimize their immigration endeavors.

Minimum AINP Opportunity Pathway requirements

Becoming eligible for the Alberta Opportunity Pathway entails meeting various essential criteria. All requirements must be met during the application submission and assessment process by AINP, unless otherwise specified.

Work Visa and Residency

Eligible candidates must hold a valid Provisional Resident status in Canada that permits them to work. The valid Work Visa must be obtained through one of the following avenues:

Candidates must also be engaged in an eligible occupation.

Exclusions Apply

Certain candidates do not qualify under this pathway, including:

For those holding a Post-Graduate Work Visa, additional requirements apply. Their present occupation must align with their field of study in Alberta.

Qualifications Based on Enrollment Date

If you enrolled and were admitted to your program before April 1, 2019, your qualification must be awarded by an authorized institution and fall within the following categories:

For those enrolled and admitted after April 1, 2019, your qualification must be on the approved list of the Alberta Opportunity Pathway.

Job Requirements

A pivotal component of the Alberta Express Entry Pathway is the job offer from an Alberta-based employer. To optimize your understanding, let’s delve into the key prerequisites that make a job offer eligible within this context:

Valid Signatures and Essential Details

The job offer must bear the authentic signatures of both you and your Alberta-based employer. This ensures the credibility and seriousness of the offer. Additionally, the offer should encompass the following crucial elements:

What exactly is the Alberta Express Entry Pathway?

The Alberta Express Entry Pathway is a streamlined immigration avenue that allows Alberta to select a limited number of qualified applicants from the Federal Express Entry pool. Through this pathway, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) directly chooses eligible candidates from the Express Entry pool, providing them with a Notification of Interest (NOI) before they can proceed with their application.

Who Does This Pathway Benefit?

This pathway is ideal for candidates who have a strong connection to Alberta and possess attributes that can contribute to the province’s economic growth and cultural diversity. Even overseas graduates have the opportunity to be invited through this pathway.

Eligibility Requirements

To become eligible for a Notification of Interest, candidates must meet the following criteria:

Factors Enhancing NOI Chances

Certain factors can boost a candidate’s likelihood of receiving a Notification of Interest

Factors Reducing NOI Chances

Alberta Pathway for Self-Employed Farmers

The Self-Employed Farmer Pathway reflects Alberta’s strategic approach to attracting skilled individuals who can elevate the province’s agricultural landscape. Beyond the fulfillment of the criteria, this pathway demands a genuine passion for agriculture and a visionary mindset to harness the potential of Alberta’s fertile land.

Navigating this pathway requires a holistic understanding of agricultural dynamics, business intricacies, and program requirements. Prospective candidates are advised to seek guidance from experts well-versed in immigration intricacies and the nuances of agricultural enterprise development to ensure a seamless and successful journey toward self-employment in Alberta’s agricultural sector.

Pioneering Agricultural Opportunities

The Self-Employed Farmer Pathway stands as a testament to Alberta’s commitment to fostering agricultural innovation and growth. This pathway targets individuals who exhibit aptitudes in farm management and possess the necessary financial means to contribute to the province’s thriving agricultural sector.

Essential Criteria

  • To successfully embark on the Self-Employed Farmer Pathway, candidates must meet specific criteria outlined by the program:

Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur Pathway in Alberta

The Alberta Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur Pathway strategically combines practical experience, business acumen, and a clear trajectory toward permanent residency. By grounding candidates in the operational realities of Alberta’s business environment, the pathway not only nurtures entrepreneurial growth but also aligns with the province’s economic objectives.

As candidates progress through the pathway, they gain valuable insights, establish connections, and contribute to the province’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Moreover, the nomination by AINP is a testament to their dedication and potential impact on Alberta’s economic landscape.

Navigating the intricacies of immigration pathways requires a nuanced understanding of program criteria, regulations, and procedural nuances. Thus, candidates are encouraged to seek professional guidance and stay informed about program updates to optimize their journey along the Alberta Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur Pathway.

How to Apply for a PR Visa via the AINP Entrepreneur Pathway

Step 1: Expression of Interest (EOI) Submission Initiating the process, eligible candidates submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to AINP. Within a month of submission, EOIs are evaluated and scored. Those achieving the highest scores are invited to proceed to the next stage by submitting their Business Application.

Step 2: Business Application Package Submission Selected candidates from the EOI pool are required to submit their comprehensive Business Application within a span of 3 months. This submission includes payment of a non-refundable fee of $3,500 for the application.

Step 3: Business Application Assessment AINP meticulously assesses the submitted Business Applications and associated documents. Candidates with approved applications receive a Business Performance Agreement (BPA), a legally binding contract between the candidate and the Alberta province. The signed BPA must be returned to the AINP within 14 days. Upon receipt of the signed BPA, candidates are issued a Letter of Approval for Business Application.

Step 4: Establishing the Business in Alberta After receiving the Letter of Approval for Business Application, candidates are required to actively operate and own their business within Alberta for a minimum duration of 1 year. Ownership of at least 34% of the business is mandatory during this period.

Step 5: Nomination Concluding Report Upon fulfilling the conditions outlined in the Business Performance Agreement, candidates submit the final Nomination Concluding Report to AINP. After approval of the report, AINP provides a Certificate of Nomination. This certificate is then forwarded to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), accompanied by a nomination letter for the candidate.

Final Step: Applying for Canada PR Visa Armed with the Certificate of Nomination, candidates can proceed to apply for the Canada PR Visa through IRCC. This marks the culmination of the Entrepreneur Pathway journey, providing candidates with the opportunity to transition towards permanent residency in Canada.

Embarking on the AINP’s Entrepreneur Pathway is a structured and strategic process that demands meticulous attention to each step. By adhering to these steps, candidates can navigate through the complexities of the pathway with a higher degree of confidence, positioning themselves for a successful Canada PR Visa application.

Alberta's Most Recent PNP Drawings

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) diligently assesses profiles within the Canada Express Entry pool on a regular basis. Through strategic AINP Draws, selected candidates are extended Notifications of Interest (NOIs), encouraging them to initiate the process of nomination application. The comprehensive information regarding each draw typically becomes public approximately a month subsequent to the draw date. This practice ensures transparency and offers valuable insights into the nomination selection process within the Alberta PNP.

What are the most in-demand occupations in Alberta?

The following is the List of Eligible In-demand Occupations in Alberta:

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