New Brunswick PNP Program

Provincial Nominee Programme for New Brunswick 2023

New Brunswick is a desirable jurisdiction offering distinctive avenues to Permanent Residency through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), which is situated on Canada’s picturesque eastern coast along the Atlantic Ocean. This programme is designed to draw in and keep immigrants who can fill labour market gaps and significantly improve local economies and communities.

Through the New Brunswick PNP, prospective foreign applicants looking to move to Canada and obtain Permanent Residency have a number of alternatives. For individuals seeking a straightforward and affordable living amidst verdant forests and scenic lakes, New Brunswick stands out as an alluring immigration option.

Notably, New Brunswick has Canada’s most cheap housing market. The Real Estate Association of Canada reports that in 2020, the average home price in New Brunswick was only $191,942. Many visitors discover that they may buy a mortgage-free house in New Brunswick by selling a more expensive property elsewhere.

What is the Immigrant Nominee Programme for New Brunswick?

One of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programmes is the New Brunswick Immigrant Nominee Programme. Through the NBPNP, the province of New Brunswick recommends immigrants for permanent residence based on the needs of the local labour force. You may find this to be the best Canada PNP option if you’re looking for the right location to start a family or create a profession.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme was established by the New Brunswick government to support the expansion of the province’s economy and population. Candidates that qualify for a Provincial Nomination through the NBPNP include those in the Express Entry pool. This can increase their CRS score by 600 points, which will almost certainly result in an ITA for a Canada PR.

The four immigration pathways offered by the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme are listed below.

Express Entry Labour Market Stream for New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program’s immigration streams include the Express Entry Labour Market Stream. It is intended for highly qualified international professionals who can boost the province’s economy. Expression of Interest (EOI) is the foundation of how the New Brunswick Labour Market Stream of Express Entry operates. Only candidates who meet exact requirements that differ from the stream’s eligibility requirements are permitted to submit EOIs. As of July 2019, the immigration stream is accepting EOIs from candidates who meet the following criteria.

Program Requirements

Profile in Express EntryYes
Association with ProvinceNo
Offer of JobNo
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 7
Education LevelHigh school
Work Experience1 year,  NOC B, A, or 0
Investment requiredNo

Selection Factors
FactorMax Points
Proficiency in Language28
Education Level25
Work Experience15
Arranged Employment10
Pass Score Minimum67

Selection Factors

New Brunswick’s Express Entry Labour Market Stream operates using an EOI system. You must register a profile in the federal Express Entry pool if you meet the requirements for the stream. After that, you must email an EOI to the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme.

The NBPNP will occasionally stop the intake of EOIs. The government of New Brunswick does not make a public announcement on when it opens to accept new EOIs, in contrast to the majority of other provinces in Canada. It examines the EOIs that were submitted and chooses the best candidates to submit a comprehensive application for a nomination from the province.

Stream of Entrepreneurship in New Brunswick

One of the streams of the NBPNP, a Canada PNP, is the entrepreneurial stream in New Brunswick. Senior business managers or seasoned business owners who plan to live in the province are the target audience.

Only those applicants who meet the requirements and have a qualifying connection to New Brunswick may submit an EOI for the entrepreneurial stream. They must have travelled to the province within the last 12 months for at least 5 business days. Alternately, they need to have attended an information session for the stream within the last 12 months.


Successful applicants are required to either start a new business or buy an existing one, and actively participate in all aspects of daily management.

 Program Requirements
Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with ProvinceYes
Offer of JobNo
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 5
Education LevelPost-secondary
Work Experience

Management and Business ownership for

3 years

Investment Requirement

Investment: CAD 250,000 

Net Personal Worth: CAD 600,000

Assessment Grid

To be eligible to submit an EOI for the entrepreneurial stream, you must receive at least 65 points on the grid for assessment. The grid of points is also used in this immigration stream to rank applicants. The invitation to apply for the stream is only extended to those with extremely competitive scores.

Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream in New Brunswick

The Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream is intended to support foreign students who have successfully launched a successful business in New Brunswick after completing their post-secondary studies there.

Candidates must hold a current post-secondary degree from an approved institution in New Brunswick in order to be eligible for this stream. A minimum of one year must have passed since they actively owned and managed a firm in the province.


Candidates must also have studied post-secondary education full-time for at least two years in a programme provided by an accredited university or community college in New Brunswick. Furthermore, it is crucial that they have kept their provincial residency throughout the duration of their academic programme.

Program Requirements
Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with ProvinceStudy Experience
Offer of JobNo
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 7
Education LevelPost-secondary
Work Experience

Business ownership of

1 year

Investment RequirementNil

Business Requirements

You must fulfil certain requirements in order to be eligible for the Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream. You must have successfully operated and owned a company in the province for at least a year. This company must also fulfil some more criteria.

100% of the company should be yours, and you should handle it yourself on a daily basis. You must also get pay from your company that is equal to or higher by 10% than the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO).


Additionally, at least one full-time Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen must be employed by your business, which must be a for-profit organisation. You must meet these conditions in order to be eligible for this stream.

Employer support for New Brunswick skilled worker applicants

The highly skilled overseas employees who have secured a valid job offer from a company in the province of New Brunswick are the focus of the company Support Skilled Worker Applicants stream. The position covered by this employment offer must fall under one of the National Occupational Classification’s (NOC) Skill Levels B, A, or 0. If the employment offer is for a position requiring NOC Skill Levels D or C, it must also qualify as one of NOC Skill Types 9, 8, 7, 3, or 1.

Program Requirements
Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with ProvinceNo
Offer of JobYes
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 4
Education LevelHigh School
Work ExperienceLinked to the job offer
Investment RequirementNil



Pilot Immigration Programme for the Atlantic

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP) welcomes 2,000 immigrants and families to the province of New Brunswick.

Four beautiful provinces in Atlantic Canada are the focus of the innovative immigration effort known as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP), which is driven by business interests. A further 2,000 immigrants and their families will be granted coveted invites to settle in Canada as a result of the programme. Any of the four participating provinces—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island—can take advantage of these opportunities. Find out how AIPP can make your immigration dreams come true.

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