Obtain Australian Immigration and Begin a New Life

The allure of Australia is captivating an increasing number of individuals, particularly those from India. With word-of-mouth recommendations from expatriate acquaintances already thriving in Australia, the country has garnered attention for its promising prospects.

Australia, a well-established nation renowned for its migrant-friendly policies, robust economy, lucrative employment opportunities, contemporary way of life, and elevated living standards, is frequently spotlighted as a premier global residency destination.

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Why Do You Have To Relocate To Australia?

What are the various Visa categories for Australian Immigration?

The following are the several visa categories you can select from while moving to Australia from India:

What is the immigration procedure in Australia?

To ensure a seamless transfer, adhere to these 6 basic steps:

Step 1: Get Your Studies and Work Experience Accredited

Accrediting your occupation is the first step towards Australian immigration. Results processing for this procedure, which is overseen by distinct certifying agencies for each profession, normally takes two to three months.

Step 2: Score Satisfactorily on the IELTS

Obtain an IELTS score of at least 6 on each band, fulfilling the minimum criteria for your visa application.

Step 3: Apply for an invitation to apply by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect.

Once your profession has been accredited, submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) via SkillSelect, the Australian government’s online application system. This submission marks the next stage in your journey.

Step 4: If desired, pursue state nomination
Start the procedure by submitting your application for State nomination if you’re thinking about getting a state-nominated visa. Do your homework because each state has different minimal standards.

Step 5:- Submit your visa application along with the necessary paperwork.

Complete the online visa application and upload all required documentation. Make sure that these papers contain translated documentation, certified copies of your professional experience records, and other necessary paperwork.

Step 6:- Complete medical testing and obtain police certificates.

For both you and your accompanying family members, it is imperative that you and they meet severe health and character criteria. This phase entails getting the necessary police credentials and passing medical exams.

Your path to Australian immigration will be simple and effective if you join us as our company can help you out with each and every step of the process. Prepare your relocation with assurance.

What professions are in the most demand in Australia?

The top 5 industries in Australia, together with the predicted pace of job growth over the next three years, are listed below:

India to Australia by izago immigration

The tables below show the popular occupations in Australia along with their annual salaries, which can be a great career option for Indians looking to relocate to the land down under:

OccupationAnnual Salary (In-CAD)
Product Management$124,340
IT Professional$100,000
Project Manager$80,000
Finance Manager$94,000
Mining Engineer$103,776
Healthcare Professional$54,093

How can Izago Immigration help you?

Izago Immigration offers comprehensive assistance to individuals seeking to immigrate to Australia through various State and Territory Sponsored Visa (Skilled Independent Visa) streams. These streams often have stringent standards, leading to a high application refusal rate for those not prepared and filed correctly. Our expertise lies in guiding applicants through these complex processes and intricate documentation requirements, increasing the chances of successfully obtaining a Permanent Residency Visa in Australia.

Our team of seasoned Immigration Experts has assisted numerous families in successfully relocating to Australia through the Skilled Independent Visa and Skilled Nominated Visa programs. With their proficiency and experience, they can thoroughly assess your unique case and recommend the most suitable approach to cater to your immigration needs.

Having been a prominent figure in the immigration industry for over 16 years, Izago Immigration has garnered a wealth of positive reputation and extensive experience. We have consistently supported a diverse range of aspiring immigrants in realizing their dreams of moving to Australia.

As a top-tier brand in the Immigration sector, Izago Immigration stands out as a highly dependable immigration firm with an impressive track record of facilitating thousands of successful Permanent Residency Visa applications. Several key factors contribute to our status as the premier Immigration Consultant for obtaining a Permanent Residency Visa in Australia:

For those aspiring to secure a Permanent Residency Visa in Australia, Izago Immigration emerges as the ultimate partner, offering expertise, reliability, and a history of successful outcomes. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to applicants’ success sets us apart in the field of immigration consultancy.Contact Us Now !