Spouse Visa From India

The spouse visa in Canada is the ideal route for family reunification if you’re the spouse or partner of a Canadian citizen or PR holder and want to join your spouse or partner who is in Canada. You may get useful tips from Izago’s in-depth tutorial on navigating the application procedure for obtaining a spouse visa from India.


It is important to bear in mind that the procedures and specifications for applying for a spouse visa to Canada from India are constantly changing, therefore it is advised to visit a Canada visa expert for the most recent information and advice.

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements and Eligibility

To be eligible for a spousal visa in Canada or to understand Canada spousal visa Requirements to sponsor your spouse in Canada, you must satisfy the Canada Spouse visa Requirements listed below:

Eligibility Restrictions

You may be unable to sponsor if:

How to apply for a Canada spouse visa from India

How to apply for a canada spouse visa from india by izago immigration

To apply for a spouse visa to Canada from India, follow these general steps:

Step-1:- Determine Eligibility

You and your sponsor must ensure that you both match the eligibility requirements for the spousal sponsorship program, which include the sponsor being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you have a real and enduring connection.

Step-2:- Gather Required Documents

Ascertain that you have all of the required documentation to support your spouse visa Canada application. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports, pictures, proof of joint finances, and evidence of shared assets or property, among other things, may be included.

Step-3:- Complete the Application Forms

Izago’s team assists applicants in precisely and thoroughly filling out the relevant visa application paperwork. This usually comprises the sponsorship application form as well as the application for permanent residency. Make certain that all information is consistent and up to date.

Step-4:- Pay the Fees

Applicants must include the necessary processing costs with their application. Fees may differ based on the kind of application and services sought. 

Step-6:- Send the Application

Send your full application package, including all supporting papers and payments, to the visa office in charge of processing Indian applications. Follow the guidelines provided by the Canadian government and submit the application within the time limit allowed.

Step-7:- Attend Interviews and Medical Exams

Depending on your situation, you or your spouse may be questioned by CIC and need to undertake medical exams as part of the application process. 

Step-8:- Wait for a Decision

Once you have submitted your spouse visa Canada application, you must wait for a decision from the Canadian government. The processing period for a spouse visa in Canada may vary, so be patient. When a decision is reached, the IRCC will notify you in writing.

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Canada Spouse Visa Processing time

From India, the processing period for a spouse visa in Canada is anticipated to be 7-9 months. The processing time for a spouse visa in Canada, on the other hand, may vary over time. Before applying, it is always a good idea to double-check the most recent information on spouse visa processing time in Canada.

The processing time for a spouse visa in Canada is also determined by a variety of circumstances, including:

It’s also worth noting that processing dates might vary depending on the application’s complexity, the correctness of the given documents, and any extra requests for more information or interviews.

Cost to Sponsor a Spouse in Canada

The cost of a Canada spouse visa varies based on how many dependents you intend to sponsor. Depending on where you pay, you can pay your fees in a variety of ways.

However, these fees keep getting updated. So it is highly recommended to visit the official fee list on the Canadian Immigration website.

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