Hong Kong

Immigrating to Hong Kong offers a dynamic blend of opportunities, culture, and lifestyle. As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong boasts a thriving economy, making it a global financial hub with diverse job prospects across industries. Its efficient transportation, healthcare, and education systems enhance quality of life. The city’s unique East-meets-West atmosphere fosters cultural exchange and culinary delights. 

To immigrate, explore the various pathways including employment visas for skilled professionals, investment visas for entrepreneurs, and the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme for individuals with exceptional skills and talents. Navigating Hong Kong’s immigration process requires meticulous documentation and adherence to regulations, often aided by legal experts. With its strategic location, vibrant society, and economic prospects, Hong Kong stands as an appealing destination for those seeking a fresh start or enhanced professional journey.

Why move to Hong Kong?

India to Hong Kong by izago immigration

Immigrating to Hong Kong offers multiple avenues for individuals seeking diverse opportunities.

1. Employment Visa:

2. Investment Visa:

3. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS):

4. Dependant Visa:

5. Capital Investment Entrant Scheme:

6. Non-local Graduates:

7. Training Visa:

Each pathway has specific requirements, and seeking professional advice can ensure a smoother immigration process.

Processing time for a Hong Kong visa

The processing time for a Hong Kong visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for and the visa application center you are submitting your application.

For a visit/transit visa, the processing time is normally 4 weeks from the date of submission. However, it may take longer if the Immigration Department needs to verify your documents or if you are applying for a visa from a country where there is a high volume of visa applications.

For a work visa, the processing time is normally 4-6 weeks. However, it may take longer if the Immigration Department needs to conduct a background check or if you are applying for a visa from a country where there is a high volume of visa applications.

You can check the processing time for your specific visa application on the website of the visa application center you are submitting your application to.

Here are some tips to help you get your Hong Kong visa processed faster:

Application fee for Hong Kong visa

The application fee for a Hong Kong visa for Indian citizens is HKD 230. This is the fee for a single-entry visit visa. The fee for a multiple-entry visit visa is HKD 470.

The application fee is payable in cash at the visa application center. You can also pay the application fee online, but you will need to pay an additional service fee.

Even if your visa application is denied, the application cost is non-refundable.

How can Izago Immigration help you?

Izago Immigration offers comprehensive assistance to individuals seeking to immigrate to Hong Kong. These streams filling complications lead to a high rate of application refusal for those not prepared and filed correctly. Our expertise lies in guiding applicants through these complex processes and intricate documentation requirements, increasing the chances of successfully obtaining a ticket to Hong Kong

Our team of seasoned Immigration Experts has assisted numerous individuals and families in successfully visiting Hong Kong. With our proficiency and experience, they can thoroughly assess your unique case and recommend the most suitable approach to cater to your immigration needs.

Having been a prominent figure in the immigration industry for over 16 years, Izago Immigration has garnered a wealth of positive reputation and extensive experience. We have consistently supported a diverse range of aspiring immigrants in realizing their dreams of moving overseas.

As a top-tier brand in the Immigration sector, Izago Immigration stands out as a highly dependable immigration firm with an impressive track record of facilitating thousands of successful  Visa applications. Several key factors contribute to our status as the premier Immigration Consultant for obtaining a Hong Kong Visa:

For those aspiring to secure a Visa to Hong Kong, Izago Immigration emerges as the ultimate partner, offering expertise, reliability, and a history of successful outcomes. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to applicants’ success sets us apart in the field of immigration consultancy. Contact us now!