USA Tourist Visa

Indian nationals who wish to visit the United States of America must apply for a USA Tourist Visa from India. The USA Tourist Visa permits you to visit the United States of America while also studying or attending an interview.

The great American experience is about a number of things, from bluegrass and beaches to snow-covered peaks and redwood forests, restaurant-loving towns, and wide sky. The expanding economy in the United States is a tribute to the fact that the country receives 79.6 million international tourists each year.

Top Reasons to Visit the United States

  • There are several museums.
  • There are treasures to be discovered.
  • The cuisine is excellent.
  • The breathtaking vistas are unrivaled.
  • You will encounter a new way of living.
  • Tourism is very important to the country.
  • There are both large cities and little communities.
  • Style is always changing.
  • It’s entertaining to observe people.
  • You’ll come to enjoy your own way of living.

Types of USA Tourist Visa

The United States government offers two types of Tourist Visas from India: the B1 Visa and the B2 Visa. 

  • B1 Visa – For commercial objectives, such as attending educational seminars, purchasing/selling real estate, or negotiating a contract or agreement. 

  • B2 Visa – For tourism, medical purposes, social activities, sports/musical/cultural events, or enrolling in a short-term course or program. 

The USA Tourist Visa permits its bearer to visit the United States for up to six months for short-term stays. Potential candidates can pick their visa type based on the purpose of their visit. 

Starting in March 2023, you will be able to apply for employment and attend interviews in the United States on a B1 or B2 Visa.

USCIS has stated that B1 and B2 visitors to the United States will now be permitted to work in the nation! Your B1/B2 visa can now be converted to an H1-B visa. This is a fantastic opportunity to make 5 to 8 times your present wage!

Who is eligible for a USA Tourist Visa?

Candidates must fulfill the following eligibility conditions in order to apply for a USA Tourist Visa from India:

  • Have a passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • Have adequate cash resources.
  • Have no criminal history or pending cases.
  • To go to the United States, you must be in good physical shape.
  • They have deep links to their homeland.
  • You must be able to persuade the immigration officer that your presence is only temporary.

The process to apply for USA Tourist Visa from India

There are six simple stages to applying for a tourist visa to the United States from India.

  • Take a digital snapshot of each candidate. When applying for a USA Tourist Visa from India, a digital picture is necessary. Make sure the photos are professional, clear, and the correct size.   

  • Fill out Visitor Visa Application Form DS160 – Visitor Visa Application Form DS160 must be filled out online. When finished, you will receive a confirmation email with a 10-digit barcode. 

  • Pay the Visitor Visa application fee – Pay the Visitor Visa application cost if one is necessary. You can pay the processing fee electronically by bank transfer or in cash at a recognized bank.

  • Schedule a visa interview appointment – You must make two appointments: one for biometrics at an Offsite Facilitation Centre (OFC) and one for a personal interview with the US Embassy or Consulate. 

  • VAC Biometrics – Your digitized fingerprints and a digital photo submitted with your USA Tourist Visa application constitute a biometric. The Visa Application Centre (VAC) uses biometrics to verify your identity.

  • Attend the visa interview at the specified US Embassy/Consulate – Attend the interview at your assigned US Embassy or Consulate on the stated day. Carry all supporting documentation. 

Documents Required for USA Tourist Visa

When applying for a US Tourist Visa, you will be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Valid Passport (both current and expired passports).
  • Confirmation page for the DS-160 form.
  • Receipt for application fee payment.
  • Photos.
  • A duplicate of the appointment letter.
  • Proof of current income, tax payments, company or property ownership, or assets.
  • Itinerary and other details about the vacation you’ve planned.
  • A letter from the boss. This letter should include your title, pay, employment tenure, authorized vacation (if any), and other pertinent information.
  • In the event of a conviction or arrest somewhere, court or criminal records may be obtained. It must be submitted even if you have been pardoned or have served your sentence.

Cost and Processing Time for USA Tourist Visa

Immigrants wanting to visit the USA on a Tourist Visa must pay the following fees: 

Visa Type

Fee (USD)


Visitor Visa (also known as B2 Visa or Tourist Visa)


₹ 13,440

The processing period for a USA Tourist Visa application is determined by the country from where the applicant is applying. The time span can commonly range from 18 to 21 days.

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