New Brunswick PNP Draw

2023 New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Nestled along the picturesque Atlantic Ocean coast, the New Brunswick province beckons with its enticing Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for 2023. This Canada PNP unfolds distinctive avenues toward attaining Permanent Residency, aligning with the province’s unique needs and fostering community and economic growth.

Crafted to bridge gaps within the labor market, these immigration streams entice and retain newcomers primed to make meaningful contributions to local communities and economies. Aspirants eyeing Canadian PR through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program encounter an array of options, tailored to cater to various immigration aspirations.

The province’s allure transcends its serene landscape, attracting those drawn to a simpler lifestyle enveloped by lush forests and serene lakes. New Brunswick boasts some of Canada’s most affordable real estate, with the average house price in 2020 standing at a modest $191,942 according to the Real Estate Association of Canada. This province, renowned for providing a mortgage-free haven, often becomes a haven for newcomers who seek to transition into a more cost-effective and fulfilling life.

What is the Immigrant Nominee Program in New Brunswick?

The New Brunswick Immigrant Nominee Program (NBPNP) stands as a vital component within Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program framework. Functioning as a provincial immigration pathway, NBPNP allows New Brunswick to select and nominate immigrants for Permanent Residency based on the region’s workforce requirements. If you’re seeking an optimal destination for both professional growth and family life, this program could be your ideal Canada PNP choice.

Initiated by the Government of New Brunswick, this Provincial Nominee Program plays a pivotal role in propelling the province’s population and economic expansion. Remarkably, candidates present within the Express Entry pool can secure a Provincial Nomination through the NBPNP, amassing a substantial boost of 600 extra points to their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. This significant enhancement virtually ensures an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada Permanent Residency in the ensuing Express Entry draw.

In essence, the New Brunswick Immigrant Nominee Program not only streamlines immigration but also empowers candidates to exponentially improve their CRS standings, making their journey towards Canadian Permanent Residency all the more promising and rewarding.

Exploring New Brunswick’s Immigration Pathways

These four streams under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program offer a diverse range of avenues for immigrants, each catering to unique profiles and aspirations while contributing to the province’s economic growth.

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New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream

Within the suite of immigration options offered by the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, the Express Entry Labor Market Stream shines as a pathway designed for highly skilled international workers poised to contribute substantially to the province’s economy. This dynamic stream operates on an Expression of Interest (EOI) framework, carving a unique route for qualified candidates.

The crux of the Express Entry Labor Market Stream is its distinctive EOI system, exclusively inviting submissions from candidates meeting specific criteria distinct from the stream’s overall eligibility requirements. As of July 2019, this immigration avenue actively welcomes EOIs from applicants who fulfill the subsequent prerequisites:

The New Brunswick Express Entry Labor Market Stream represents a forward-looking approach to immigration, fostering a vibrant labor force while catering to the province’s economic needs. Navigating this avenue requires a keen understanding of its intricacies, positioning prospective immigrants for a successful integration journey into the province’s dynamic economic landscape.

Requirement OF Program

Requirement            Things Needed
Profile in Express EntryYes
Association with ProvinceNo
Offer of JobNo
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 7
Education LevelHigh school
Work Experience1 year,  NOC B, A, or 0
Investment requiredNo

Selection Factor

FactorMax Points
Proficiency in Language  28                                                                                       
Education Level25
Work Experience15
Arranged Employment10
Pass Score Minimum67

At the heart of New Brunswick’s immigration landscape, the Express Entry Labor Market Stream operates seamlessly via an Expression of Interest (EOI) system. If you meet the stream’s eligibility criteria, a crucial initial step involves creating a profile within the federal Express Entry pool. Subsequently, you’re required to submit your EOI directly to the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) through email.

It’s important to note that the intake of EOIs occasionally experiences temporary pauses as determined by the NBPNP. Unlike the majority of Canadian provinces, New Brunswick follows a distinctive approach by not publicly disclosing the re-opening dates for new EOIs. Instead, the province diligently evaluates the received expressions of interest, meticulously selecting the most qualified candidates to progress toward submitting a complete nomination application.

This intricate process underscores New Brunswick’s commitment to meticulous candidate selection, aligning with its strategic immigration objectives. Navigating the Express Entry Labor Market Stream entails a proactive approach, and understanding the province’s distinctive procedure adds an additional layer of preparedness for prospective immigrants seeking to establish their presence within this dynamic Canadian province.

New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

Embedded within the realm of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP), the Entrepreneurial Stream emerges as a prominent avenue for accomplished senior business managers and experienced entrepreneurs aspiring to establish their presence within the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

This pathway is exclusively accessible to candidates who boast a qualifying affiliation with New Brunswick. Such individuals are eligible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Entrepreneurial Stream if they have undertaken a business-related visit to the province for a minimum of 5 days within the preceding year. Alternatively, engagement in an information session tailored to this stream within the past year also grants eligibility.

Once accepted into the stream, successful applicants are entrusted with either launching a fresh business venture or acquiring an existing one. Crucially, these entrepreneurs are actively involved in the day-to-day management of their chosen enterprise, reflecting their commitment to fostering economic growth and contributing to the province’s business landscape.

The New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream stands as a coveted avenue for forward-thinking business leaders to not only establish their residency but also to play an instrumental role in shaping the province’s entrepreneurial trajectory. With its strategic focus on sustainable economic development and meaningful engagement, this stream offers a transformative pathway toward both personal and regional prosperity.

Requirement                                 Things Needed
Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with ProvinceYes
Offer of JobNo
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 5
Education LevelPost-secondary
Work Experience

Management and Business ownership for 3 years 

Investment RequirementInvestment: CAD 250,000 
Net Personal Worth: CAD 600,000

Minimum Points Required

To initiate the process of filing an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Entrepreneurial Stream, it’s imperative to secure a minimum of 65 points on the assessment grid. This immigration pathway employs a point-based grid system to evaluate and rank potential candidates. Only those individuals who achieve exceptionally competitive scores are extended invitations to apply for this sought-after stream.

The Entrepreneurial Stream’s meticulous point-based assessment approach underscores the significance of meeting the stipulated score threshold. Aspiring immigrants are encouraged to strategically align their profiles with the outlined criteria to enhance their prospects of receiving an invitation to apply, thereby embarking on a promising journey within this immigration pathway.

Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream in New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream presents an exciting avenue for international individuals who have completed their studies and earned a degree from a post-secondary institution within the province. A primary requirement entails establishing and nurturing a thriving business within the region.

Eligible applicants of this stream must have successfully obtained a valid post-secondary degree from an accredited institution in New Brunswick. Moreover, they must exhibit ownership and active operation of a business in the province for a minimum of 1 year. A crucial prerequisite involves having pursued full-time studies for a minimum of 2 years within a post-secondary program. This academic pursuit can be undertaken at a recognized university or community college in New Brunswick. An essential stipulation further mandates that candidates must have maintained their residency within the province throughout the entire duration of their academic program.

The New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream thus stands as a dedicated pathway tailored to harness the potential of international graduates, fostering business innovation and bolstering economic growth within the province. This stream underscores the province’s commitment to nurturing talent and facilitating entrepreneurship among global students while simultaneously contributing to the local community and economy.

Requirement OF Program

RequirementThings Needed
Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with ProvinceStudy Experience
Offer of JobNo
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 7
Education LevelPost-secondary
Work ExperienceBusiness ownership of 1 year
Investment RequirementNil

Business Requirements

Eligibility for the Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream necessitates successful ownership and operation of a thriving enterprise within the province for a minimum of 1 year. This business must satisfy specific additional criteria, underscoring the depth of your engagement. Notably, maintaining 100% ownership of the business and actively participating in its day-to-day management are imperative.

Furthermore, your business must ensure compensation that surpasses the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) by an additional 10%, a measure of financial stability. It’s crucial that your enterprise operates for profit and boasts a minimum of one full-time employee who is either a Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen.

This pathway to immigration caters to post-graduate entrepreneurs and underscores the need for their businesses to not only thrive but also contribute substantively to the Canadian economy and workforce. Such intricate qualifications are pivotal to securing your success within the Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream, which stands as a nuanced opportunity in the realm of Canadian immigration.

Employer Support for Skilled Worker Applicants in New Brunswick

The Employer Support Skilled Worker Applicants stream is tailored for proficient international workers who possess a valid job offer from a New Brunswick province employer. This offer of employment must pertain to a role categorized under NOC (National Occupational Classification) Skill Level B, A, or 0. Should the job offer pertain to an occupation categorized as NOC Skill Level D or C, it must align with NOC Skill Types 9, 8, 7, 3, or 1 to be deemed eligible. This avenue ensures enhanced search engine visibility while conveying the stream’s specifics effectively.

Program Requirements

           RequirementThings Nedded
Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with ProvinceNo
Offer of JobYes
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 4
Education LevelHigh School
Work ExperienceLinked to the job offer
Investment RequirementNil

Pilot Programme for Atlantic Immigration

As a vital contributor to the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, New Brunswick emerges as a key participant in this unique initiative. The AIPP stands as an employer-focused immigration program, strategically designed to bolster workforce and population expansion across the four Atlantic Canada provinces. This progressive program extends invitations to an additional 2,000 immigrants and their families, inviting them to embark on their Canadian journey through the AIPP. This opportunity spans across the welcoming provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

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