Nova Scotia PNP

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) serves as the bedrock of Nova Scotia’s Provincial Nominee Program, offering a plethora of unconventional immigration avenues for individuals yearning to establish roots in Canada. This program acts as a bridge for innumerable international scholars, talented professionals, enterprising individuals, and temporary foreign workers to obtain a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. These pathways are not only dynamic but also intricately interconnected with the Federal Express Entry System.

Nova Scotia, as a province, is staunchly committed to attracting a kaleidoscope of candidates, harnessing their human capital attributes and unparalleled experiences to enrich the province’s communities and economy. By cherry-picking from an assortment of NSNP streams, the province identifies individuals who can significantly contribute to its growth. Fulfilling the eligibility requirements of any of the program’s 8 immigration streams can lead to a nomination for Nova Scotia immigration, propelling you closer to realizing your Canadian aspirations.

Currently, NSNP applications are swiftly processing within an approximate timeframe of 3 months. This streamlined processing ensures that your voyage to Canadian immigration is expeditious, allowing you to embark on an exciting new chapter in your life without any unnecessary delays.

Nova Scotia PNP Program signifies not just a program but an extraordinary opportunity – an invitation to mold your future in a province that treasures your skills and contributions. Your Canadian dream awaits; seize it through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program and become an integral part of this vibrant and hospitable community.

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What are the different Immigration streams under NSNP?

The Eight streams of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program are

Express Entry - Nova Scotia Experience

The Nova Scotia PNP program offers an Express Entry stream that seamlessly aligns with the Federal Express Entry Program. This avenue is designed to welcome highly skilled immigrants with valuable work experience in the vibrant province of Nova Scotia.

Eligibility Criteria:

Nova Scotia Express Entry LMP

The Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities (LMP) stream emerges as a strategic pathway for the province to accord supremacy to particular occupations within the migration process. Through this stream, Nova Scotia dispenses Letters of Interest (LOIs) to demarcated professions, with Early Childhood Educators serving as the inaugural focal point.

Key Applicant Requirements:

The Nova Scotia Express Entry LMP stream is a meticulously crafted route that casts the spotlight on specific occupational exigencies. By securing a Letter of Interest and satisfying the requirements, you can chart your course toward a momentous migration expedition to Nova Scotia, channeling your skills into the province’s growth while constructing a prosperous future for yourself and your loved ones.

Priorities of Nova Scotia Physicians in the Labor Market By Express Entry

The Nova Scotia Physicians Labor Market Priorities stream takes on a unique role, allowing the province to cherry-pick qualified medical practitioners from the federal Express Entry pool.

This stream focuses its efforts on two crucial NOC codes – NOC 3111 for Specialist Physicians and NOC 3112 for Family Physicians – with the aim of fortifying Nova Scotia’s healthcare landscape.


Nova Scotia Skilled Worker

This employer-driven stream caters to foreign workers and graduates who possess the ability to fill job vacancies in Nova Scotia that are not fulfilled by Canadian Citizens or PR status holders. Employers seeking to hire foreign workers must first obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).


Nova Scotia Occupations In Demand: Meeting Labor Market Needs

The Occupations in Demand Pilot focuses on intermediate-skilled positions in high-demand sectors within Nova Scotia. The targeted occupations can fluctuate based on the ever-changing labor market needs. This stream specifically addresses jobs classified as NOC C level under the National Occupational Classification.


Explore these distinctive pathways to a fulfilling career and settlement in the enchanting land of Nova Scotia, tailor-made to suit your expertise and aspirations.

Nova Scotia Physician

The Nova Scotia Physician category plays a pivotal role in bolstering the provincial Public Health System by recruiting and retaining Specialist Physicians, Family Physicians, and General Practitioners. This program addresses critical vacancies that cannot be filled by Canadian Permanent Residents or Citizens, ensuring quality healthcare delivery.

Key Requirements:

Job Offer:

A job offer from the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre or NSHA (Nova Scotia Health Authority) under NOC 3111 (Specialist Physician) or NOC 3112 (Family Physician and General Practitioner) is a critical requirement. The job offer must:

Education and Training:

Applicants need to provide a copy of their Education Credential Assessment (ECA) or evidence of the education and medical training prerequisites mandated by Nova Scotia for licensure.

Language Proficiency

Demonstrate your ability to perform the job by means of the official languages of Canada, as reflected in the job offer from IWK or NSHA.

What are the processes to apply for the NSNP as an Entrepreneur?

Embarking on the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream gifts you with a pathway to triumph in business and the opportunity of acquiring Canadian residency. Here’s your personalized roadmap to becoming an entrepreneur in Nova Scotia:

What are the entry criteria for the Entrepreneur stream at NSNP?

Are you contemplating embarking on entrepreneurship in the exquisite province of Nova Scotia? The Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream has been ingeniously crafted to aid you in realizing your entrepreneurial aspirations while securing a coveted place in this flourishing Canadian province. Behold the indispensable criteria for eligibility:

Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur from Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur category presents an exciting pathway for recent graduates of Nova Scotia’s Community Colleges or Universities. This program is tailored to those who wish to establish themselves as entrepreneurs in the province. If you’ve dreamed of launching your own business in Nova Scotia, this could be your opportunity to not only achieve that dream but also secure permanent residency.

Key Steps:

Key Requirements:

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey while setting your roots in the welcoming province of Nova Scotia. The Overseas Graduate Entrepreneur category offers a clear pathway to realizing your business dreams and achieving permanent residency. Let your ambition thrive in Nova Scotia’s supportive environment.

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