Australia Skilled Occupation List

The Australia Skilled Occupation List comprises occupations that are notably sought after in different regions and states of Australia. This list plays a pivotal role in the points-based immigration system of Australia. Individuals with specialized skills who wish to live and work in Australia must select an occupation from this list that corresponds to their expertise and experience, as outlined in the CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List).

If you aspire to secure an Australian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa through the General Skilled Immigration pathway and lack sponsorship from any Australian Territory or State, you must opt for an occupation listed in the SOL (Skilled Occupation List). The Australian Department of Home Affairs revises this list annually in response to the evolving demands of the national labor market. This periodic update is aimed at ensuring that the entry of skilled immigrants aligns precisely with the contemporary workforce and economic requirements of Australia.

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What does the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) entail?

The Australia SOL encompasses occupations that are in high demand among Australian employers. It caters to proficient and skilled workers who are pursuing both short-term and long-term skilled employment opportunities in the country. This list is a culmination of occupations featured in both the STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List) and the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List).

The Australia Skilled Occupation List serves as the compilation of currently approved occupations for various types of Australian visas. Individuals possessing the necessary qualifications for working or undergoing training in an eligible skilled occupation within Australia, and who can meet specific requisites, can acquire these visas.

The SOL encompasses an array of skilled and eligible occupations in Australia, featuring the following key elements:

L (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List)

Nominating an occupation from this list is a prerequisite for eligibility in skilled immigration endeavors.

STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List)

If an applicant seeks nomination from an Australian Territory or State, their occupation must be present on this list.


This list pertains exclusively to RSMS (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) visas and contains distinct occupations.
For individuals who qualify to train or work in an eligible skilled occupation in Australia and fulfill all other criteria, the following Australian visas are available:

In general, to be eligible for the above Australian visas, applicants should

Why is Familiarity with Occupation Lists Crucial?

Prospective skilled immigrants aiming for Australia must acquaint themselves with Occupation Lists for the following reasons:

In essence, familiarity with Occupation Lists is integral for informed immigration decisions and contributes to Australia’s economic progress.

What is The Significance of the Australia Skilled Occupation List?

The Australia Skilled Occupation List (SOL) holds paramount importance for candidates aspiring to pursue skilled immigration to Australia. It stands as a vital reference for all applicants falling under the General Skilled Immigration Visa category. Those aspiring to obtain an Australia Permanent Residency (PR) Visa must make a thoughtful selection from the SOL, aligning with their skill sets.

When aiming to meet the criteria for an Australia PR Visa, the careful nomination of a suitable occupation from the SOL becomes imperative. This holds true across various sub-categories of PR Visas, offering diverse avenues for immigration into the country.

The essence lies in meticulously matching your verifiable work experience and competencies with an appropriate occupation listed on the SOL. The selection of the right occupation is pivotal, significantly influencing the success of your Australia PR Visa application.

What Occurs If Your Chosen Occupation Is Excluded from the Australia SOL?

If your selected occupation no longer appears on the Australia Skilled Occupation List, there’s no need for undue concern if you’ve already lodged your visa application and await nomination. The omission of your occupation from the SOL won’t impact the progress of your application’s processing.

This holds even if you have an Australia Skilled Immigration Visa unless specific changes require the submission of an entirely new visa application.

However, should you seek alterations to your application or intend to switch employers, the exclusion of your occupation from the SOL will indeed bear consequences for your application.

2023’s Fresh PSOL – Priority Skilled Occupation List





Managing Director or Chief Executive


Project Manager – Construction


Engineer – Mechanical


Practitioner – General


Medical Officer – Resident




Practitioner – Medical




Aged Care Registered Nurse


Critical Care and Emergency Registered Nurse


Medical Registered Nurse


Mental Health Registered Nurse


Preoperative Registered Nurse


NEC Registered Nurses


Developer Programmer


Engineer – Software


Planner – Maintenance


The aforementioned occupation list is intended for visa subclasses sponsored by employers, including:

It does not apply to candidates pursuing immigration through the following visa streams:

Australia’s Skilled Occupation List featuring a selection of sought-after professions:

OccupationAssessing AuthorityANZSCO CodeList
NEC Hospitality and Accommodation ManagersVETASSESS141999STSOL
General AccountantCAANZ/ CPAA/ IPA221111MLTSSL
AcupuncturistChinese Medicine Board of Australia252211STSOL
Manager – AdvertisingAIM131113STSOL
Specialist – AdvertisingVETASSESS225111STSOL
Engineer – AeronauticalEngineers Australia233911MLTSSL
Airplane PilotCASA231111Regional
Consultant – AgriculturalVETASSESS234111MLTSSL
Engineer – AgriculturalEngineers Australia233912MLTSSL
Scientist – AgriculturalVETASSESS234112MLTSSL
Technician – AgriculturalVETASSESS311111Regional
Mechanical Services and Air-conditioning PlumberTRA334112MLTSSL
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning MechanicTRA342111MLTSSL
Aircraft Maintenance EngineerTRA323111STSOL
Avionics Engineer Mechanical – Aircraft MaintenanceTRA323112STSOL
Structures Engineer – Aircraft MaintenanceTRA323113STSOL
Ambulance OfficerVETASSESS411111STSOL
Manager – Amusement CentreVETASSESS149111Regional
Technician – AnestheticVETASSESS311211STSOL
AnesthetistMed BA253211STSOL
Programmer AnalystACS261311MLTSSL
Trainers Animal and Attendants NECVETASSESS361199STSOL
Farmer – AquacultureVETASSESS121111STSOL
Draftsperson – ArchitecturalVETASSESS312111STSOL

Prospects in Australia's IT Engineering Sector

For Computer Engineers seasoned in the IT field, a plethora of opportunities awaits within Australia’s dynamic IT Engineering Sector. Professions like Data Analysts, Data Specialists, and IT Engineers are currently witnessing substantial demand. Comprehensive guidelines on IT eligibility criteria for Australian immigration can be explored through the realm of ICT.

Software Engineers and IT Professionals stand to benefit from Australia’s Skilled Immigration Program, fostering advanced career progression. If your expertise aligns with the sought-after domains within Australia’s IT industry, your prospects of securing employment shine brightly.

Prospects in Diverse Australian Engineering Sectors Beyond IT

Engineers exploring avenues outside the IT domain can discover a wealth of possibilities, provided they hold the requisite qualifications and skillsets. Below are several sought-after Engineering specializations within Australia

Prospects in Alternative Engineering Fields in Australia

Beyond the realms of IT and traditional non-IT Engineering sectors, Australia extends a plethora of possibilities in diverse Engineering domains. Geotechnical, Environmental, Electronics, Civil, and Chemical Engineering, to name a few, showcase numerous vacancies for individuals boasting the requisite skillset.

Australia adheres to a comprehensive skill assessment protocol for Engineers, assuring alignment with the nation’s industry standards. Immigrants are subject to a meticulous assessment encompassing work experience, previous engagements, and educational achievements, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation.

Skilled Employment Prospects in Australia's Education Sector

Australia’s Education Sector encompasses a demand for educators across various strata including Universities, Schools, TAFEs, and diverse Administrative roles. The nation boasts a globally acclaimed education system that encompasses

Eligibility for an Australia Permanent Residency (PR) Visa within this sector mandates exceptional teaching prowess aligned with industry benchmarks, coupled with a strong command of the English language. Skill assessment in this regard is overseen by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

Promising Skilled Work Opportunities in Australia's Healthcare Sector

To qualify within the esteemed ranks of the healthcare sector, the following eligibility criteria apply

The healthcare landscape in Australia is marked by robust demand for a spectrum of professionals, including

Should you find your career path aligned with the medical domain, you’ll discover a realm ripe with remarkable employment prospects and enticing remuneration potential. Australia’s healthcare system stands tall on the global stage, boasting exceptional standards and contributing to a notably high life expectancy

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