British Columbia

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programmes (BC PNP) oversee the immigration of British Columbia entrepreneurs.  Different Canadian provinces run a Provincial Nominee Programme. The British Columbia Entrepreneur immigration stream draws prospective foreign national immigrants with the necessary experience to own, invest in, and run enterprises in the province of British Columbia using their resources and knowledge. 

The BC Entrepreneur stream solicits nominations from individuals who have the greatest potential to significantly boost the province’s economy. Senior managers and business owners who wish to invest in British Columbia are the main objectives. 

It is a great immigration method for those who meet the requirements and want to live permanently in Canada. The British Columbia Entrepreneur PNP is an option for high-net-worth persons who want to start a business and live in the province of British Columbia. Other immigration streams covered by the BC PNP include: 

Eligibility requirements under the BC Entrepreneur

How to apply for British Columbia PR

The processes for obtaining a permanent residency through the Entrepreneur Stream of immigration and settling in British Columbia are as follows:

Online registration forms should be filled out and accompanied by a brief company concept paper. Pay the $300 non-refundable fee. The candidates will receive a score based on their qualifications and be retained in a pool of applicants for the following six months or until they receive an invitation from the authorities.

British Columbia often conducts drawings. For the Entrepreneur stream, on average, one draw is held each month. The candidates receive points based on their age, employment history, and level of language competence. While still in the pool, candidates have the opportunity to raise their scores by proposing a fresh business idea. Candidates have four months from the time they get an invitation to apply to submit their whole applications.

You must have your net worth assessed by a CIC-designated professional chartered  accountant as soon as you get an invitation to apply. The quantity and source of cash and the supporting documentation must be included in the examination of net worth. All expenses related to the evaluation of the applicant’s net worth would be their responsibility. 

Those who are selected for an invitation have four months to submit their entire applications. The prospects might also need to show up for an interview. A performance contract between the approved candidates and British Columbia should be signed. After that, the candidates will have 20 months to put their company plans into action.

Applying for a two-year work permit via Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the last stage in the Entrepreneur stream. Within a year after obtaining a letter of confirmation, the accepted candidates must fly to British Columbia with a valid work visa and the designated dependents. The BC Provincial Nominee Programmes (BC PNP) must receive a final report from the applicant before the conclusion of the time frame.

Later, the applicants and their dependents (if any) who adhere to the requirements of their performance agreement are nominated by the province of British Columbia for Canadian permanent residency. 

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