Australia Study Visa

Australia is a popular choice for those looking to pursue an education abroad. The country boasts eight universities ranked among the top 100 worldwide, and it provides a top-notch academic environment. A wide variety of study programs are available to international students with an Australia Study Visa.

Indian students are emerging as top contenders for Australia Study Visas, lured by the country’s exceptional education quality, a diverse range of courses, and enticing post-study job opportunities. With a strong emphasis on research, Australian universities excel in fields like Sciences, Education, Humanities, and Arts.

Why Australia is a Favored Destination for Indian Students:

Advantages of Studying in Australia:

“International students aspiring to study in Australia need to meet certain criteria to acquire a Student Visa. Upon enrolling full-time in a study program, they become eligible to apply for the Subclass 500 Visa.

The Subclass 500 Student Visa offers the following privileges:

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Application for Subclass 500 Visa: Steps

Steps to Apply for an Australia Student Visa

Step 1: Gather Essential Documents

Before initiating your Visa application process, ensure you collect all the necessary documents.

Step 2: Prepare Required Documents

These documents should include valid identity and character proofs, showcasing your adherence to Visa criteria.

Step 3: Online Visa Application

Submit your Visa application conveniently through the online platform.

Step 4: Receive Application Notification

Upon successful submission, the Australia Visa authorities will promptly acknowledge the receipt of your application.

Step 5: Check Application Status

Stay updated as you’ll be notified about the progress of your Australia Student Visa application.

Different Application Modes

The Australian Department of Home Affairs provides various options for applying to Australian universities:

Direct Application via University Website: Apply directly through your chosen university’s official website.

Assistance from Study Overseas Consultant/Counselor: Alternatively, seek guidance from a Study Overseas Consultant for a smooth application process.

Decide on the application mode that best suits your preferences and needs.

Results of the English Language Exam

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll need to get the results of an English language test. You must take the IELTS and achieve the required minimum marks. Before applying for an Australia Study Visa, the test results must be accessible.

You can get your COE through the universities.

Following your selection for a program, the university or college will send you an offer letter. They must receive written notification of their acceptance, and tuition payments must be made. After this, the Confirmation of Enrollment will be made available to you. Your application for an Australia Study Visa must include a COE.

Obtain a Subclass 500 Student Visa for Australia.


Certainly, here’s a more search engine-optimized version of the essential documents required for applying for the Australia Subclass 500 Student Visa:

By gathering these essential documents, you’ll be well-prepared to successfully apply for the Australia Subclass 500 Student Visa and embark on your educational journey Down Under.

The price of education in Australia in 2023

In Australia, humanities, education, and arts courses are less expensive than those in engineering and medicine. Higher tuition costs apply to programs at the postgraduate level.

Study ProgramAverage Tuition Fees in AUD
Bachelor /Undergraduate Degree$15,000 – $35,000 annually
Master’s /Postgraduate Degree$20,000 – $40,000 annually
Doctoral /Ph.D. Degree

$14,000 – $37,000 annually

Intakes In Australia

There are many application dates for Australian universities. However, two typical application timescales are universally applicable:

First semester’s intake: which begins in February, is the main intake for students.


Second intake: The second semester’s intake begins in July.

Approbation of Student Work

The age requirement for student applicants is greater than 18. Students from abroad who have a valid Australia Study Visa may now work up to 40 hours a week. The position of academic assistant is one exception. The maximum number of hours that Academic Assistants may work each week is uncapped. Students from abroad are not permitted to work for themselves or as freelancers.

After graduating, international students can apply for a Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa. Based on the student’s coursework and the stream through which they applied to study in Australia, the visa application will be accepted.

Australia's 2023 Requirements for Study Visas


To be eligible for the Subclass 500 Student Visa in Australia, certain criteria must be met. These requirements ensure that your intention is solely focused on pursuing education and not on settling in the country. Here is a breakdown of the essential prerequisites:

Additionally, your admitting university might specify any extra requirements that you should be aware of during the application process.

By fulfilling these requirements, you enhance your chances of securing the Subclass 500 Student Visa for Australia, enabling you to focus on your educational journey without any concerns.

After Graduation

Temporary Graduate Visa

Post-Study Work Visa (Subclass 485) – Unlock Career Opportunities in Australia Discover your path to an Australian Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa through the Post-Study Work stream. This visa avenue welcomes holders of Doctoral, master’s, or bachelor’s degrees, allowing you to extend your stay in Australia after completing your studies. Embrace a unique chance to gain valuable employment experience by working for 2 to 4 years in Australia.

Graduate Work Stream

Launch Your Career with the Graduate Work Stream Visa Embark on your journey toward professional success with the Australia Work Visa offered under the Graduate Work Stream. International students can seize this opportunity if they possess eligible qualifications aligned with occupations listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. Upon graduation, you can secure an 18-month visa to explore career prospects and contribute to Australia’s workforce.



Top Australian Universities


University NameQS World University Rankings
The Australian National University24
The University of Melbourne39
The University of Sydney42
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)45
The University of Queensland48
The University of Sydney42
Monash University59
The University of Western Australia91
The University of Adelaide114
University of Technology Sydney160
The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)214
University of Wollongong218
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)244
Curtin University250
Macquarie University250
RMIT University250
University of South Australia264
University of Tasmania287
Deakin University309
Griffith University329
James Cook University369

Processing Time For Study Visas In Australia

Typically, the processing time for an Australia Study Visa ranges from 30 to 90 days.

You’re eligible to submit your Australia Study Visa application as early as 124 days before your course’s start date. This allows you to enter Australia up to 90 days before your course commencement.

In case you have dependents, you can include them under the same Subclass 500 Student Visa application. Even if your dependents won’t be accompanying you to Australia immediately, it’s crucial to declare them in your application. Failing to do so might hinder their eligibility for a Dependent Visa application in the future.

Framework for Simplified Student Visas

The Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) shortens the time it takes to process visas. The following processing times apply to student visas for Australia:

Stream90% Processing75% Processing
Defense Sector or Foreign Affairs26 days20 days
Postgraduate Research Sector77 days39 days
Independent ELICOS Sector38 days23 days
Vocational Education and Training Sector52 days36 days
Higher Education Sector32 days

17 days

“Efficient Australia Study Visa Application Processing Through SSVF: Timely Processing in 4-6 Weeks!

The Student Visa application procedure for Australia has been optimized under the SSVF (Streamlined Student Visa Framework), resulting in a streamlined process. Typically, the application process now takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks, though this timeline can be influenced by the specific educational institution you’re applying to. It’s important to note that additional documents may be requested by the Visa authorities, if deemed necessary or at the applicant’s discretion.

A key document in the Student Visa Program application is the ECOE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment), which is furnished by the Australian educational institution. Only applications accompanied by a valid ECOE are forwarded to the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) for processing. Ensuring your application includes a valid ECOE enhances the efficiency of your visa processing.”


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