Canada's safest cities list is here; Ontario is on top.

Rentola, i.e., an online platform for tenants and landlords, published a report. Stating that out of ten of Canada’s safest cities, eight of them are in Ontario itself. As per the report, out of 20 of Canada’s safest cities, 10 of them are also in Ontario.

The report is based on a scoring system. Cities were scored based on their “efficiency of enforcing judicial laws” and their “crime rate”. How safe a city is for living.

The measures for evaluating the cities were:


The study has included all these results in a single safety score. The grading system used is a 1 to 10 grading scale. Out of which 1 is the least safe, and 10 is the safest city for living.

Based on scores assigned to each city, here are the safest cities in Canada:


Toronto is one of the most populous places in Canada and is one of the prevalent choices among immigrants, yet it was ranked fourth and did much better than cities with smaller populations like Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, etc. Out of the 34 cities that were included in this report, 14 of them were in Ontario, three were in Alberta, six were in Quebec, and four were in British Columbia. Ontario and Quebec are the most populous provinces in Canada and still had a lower crime severity score on the Crime Severity Index.

In this sense, this is an excellent sign that these provinces are very safe to live in.

The report also mentions that Canada’s safest cities, even after having a “high safety score” and “low crime rate”. There is a likelihood that some kind of crime, whether serious or not, may still occur. Even after that Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world for living.

Choosing where to live, based on this information.

The Rentola report has provided useful insights into the safety of certain cities. However, it has not included all the cities in Canada due to a lack of data. Apart from that, the Rentola report is not comprehensive and has covered all aspects of safety. One should also use more factors such as GDP, nightlife, connectivity with bigger cities, and many more. Regardless the report could be used to choose a more optimal location for yourself, considering all other factors that may influence your decision making.

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