COVID-19 visa will be discontinued in AustraliaThe Australian Government declared the COVID-19 visa under the Endorsed Event Stream for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The “COVID-19 visa” has been a lifeline for many visa holders who otherwise would not qualify for more traditional sponsored visa categories, such as the subclass 482 visa.

On August 31, 2023, the government announced the discontinuation of the COVID-19 visa. The new announcement requires that individuals who wish to apply for their first Pandemic visa submit their application before 11:59 p.m. on September 1st, 2023.

The relevant legislative instrument permitting this change is the Migration (COVID-19 Pandemic event for Temporary Activity (Subclass 408) visa) Amendment Instrument (LIN 23/061) 2023, which amends LIN 22/046. This Instrument began on 2 September 2023.

What are the effects in simple terms?

This visa subclass will no longer accept new applications for the ‘COVID’ stream starting from September 2, 2023, with the cut-off date for existing visa holders to apply for subsequent COVID-19 visas being February 1, 2024.

Additionally, the instrument includes the following changes:

Additionally, the instrument includes the following changes:

How do you be eligible for a subsequent COVID-19 visa?

If you apply on or after September 2, 2023, at the time of application, you should:


The Australian Government presented the COVID-19 Pandemic visa as a temporary measure to allow foreign nationals to stay in Australia while the borders remained closed. Regardless, the visa continued to be in operation for more years than expected. We were aware that the visa would eventually discontinue, and that time has now arrived, although some concessions are still available for those who qualify.

In summary, if you submitted your application for a COVID-19 Pandemic visa on or before September 2, 2023, they will evaluate your visa for a validity period of 12 months. For 485 visa holders, the validity period will be 2 years. Nevertheless, if you apply after September 2, 2023, they will assess your visa for a validity period of only 6 months.


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